I’ve probably driven over the bay bridge …. 500 times? A few years ago, when they opened the ‘new’ bay bridge, it included a pedestrian walking path, and walking it has been on my bucket list since then. This weekend, I finally got to cross it off my bucket list! (I don’t think I’m too young for one of those – and I do love the feeling of crossing something off of a list soooooo….)

OOTD_Tightrope-8OOTD_Tightrope-9  OOTD_Tightrope-6

It was a perfect day, which was good cause I was worried I was gonna freeze out there (and my friend, who offered me a weight vest [didnt’ know that was a thing] was afraid I was literally gonna get blown away).


From where we parked and back, it’s about a 9 mile walk, but it really doesn’t feel like it. It was pretty crazy walking next to a freeway and even crazier once we got out over the open water of the bay.

And OHMIGAD, funniest story.

Soooo, my sister, who has always, sort of, done things her own way, ended up walking the bridge in flip flops. We’re about a third of the way out onto the bridge when we stop at one of maintenence overhangs to lean over and look at the birds nesting on the old parts of the bridge. My sister is hella short and boosted herself onto the bottom rail to see more. She had just stuck her leg through the gaps in the guard rail when a rush of air from a passing truck hit us and blew her shoe clean TF off. It was like it happened in slow motion! It just gently blew off and floated down onto the overhang about 5 feet below us. So funny. She was a boss tho, and didn’t even make me turn around and go back to the car; we walked the whole thing!

OOTD_Tightrope OOTD_Tightrope-5




Ever since I saw NotJessFashion kill her version of a Power Suit in a badass head-to-toe red look, I’ve been obsessed with monochromatic outfits. My personal style fluctuates often, but right now I’m loving the easy sophistication of the monochrome trend.  This dusty blue blazer is one of my favorite pieces. It’s the perfect shade of blue to pair with light or dark colors and it’s oversize style makes it east to wear and move around in. Perfect if you want to look good and without sacrificing comfort.

This look was easy to put together, which is great if you struggle to get out the door in the morning like I do. And it feels really polished so I don’t have to worry about looking as frazzled as I feel.

Blazer: Forever21
Top: Similar
Bottoms: Similar
Shoes: Similar
Accessories: Anne Klein


Believe me when I tell you, you haven’t lived until you’ve ridden a Segway. A few weeks ago, I took my lil boo on a Segway tour through Golden Gate Park for his birthday. This was our second time so we were excited for the longer ride and more challenging terrain.

I’ve lived in the Bay Area my whole life and this was my first time really getting to explore Golden Gate park. We took our tour through the Electric Tour Company. Their adventures are great for locals or tourists and their guides are full of interesting facts and helpful hints about San Francisco. For example, did you know that Golden Gate Park is the largest urban park of it’s kind in the U.S.? 5 times the size of New York’s Central Park? Neither did I!

TOP: A teeny fairy door in a hollow tree. BOTTOM LEFT: The Shakespeare Garden, a popular (& inexpensive!) wedding venue tucked deep into Golden Gate Park. BOTTOM RIGHT: A greenhouse made of wood and glass, left over from one of the world’s fairs?  I can’t totally remember but I know they have a corpse plant and venus fly traps on display inside so it’s definitely worth the checking out. ABOVE: The highlight of the hike ride (…?) was when our guide brought us to this stunning waterfall. The waterfall came out of the side of a hill and flowed into a pool that dropped into the lake. The huge flat stones (LEFT) formed a walking path to cross the pool, which was about 30 feet wide – you can’t tell in either of my pictures
:{  I was shocked at the size of the waterfall when we walked up, it was so big. There was a bridge near the top we were able to walk across for amazing selfies with a waterfall right behind us. The weather was kind of against us that day and it rained on and off but they were nice enough to let us borrow jackets and gloves.

#tbt 49×365 ONE OF ONE

Football season may be coming to an end, but with Superbowl 50 coming to San Francisco this year (well, technically Santa Clara but, you know…) there is plenty more for Bay Area sports fans to be excited about. Superbowl City will take over The Embarcadero from January 30th to February 7th  for an immersive NFL experience like no other. On Saturday, February 6th, Alicia Keys will headline with many others at a free concert to kick off the semicentennial celebration. You can find links to event calendars and schedules at the bottom of this post.

Although the 9ers had a difficult season, their fans did their best to hang in with them.  One particularly gold-blooded individual approached me about creating a pair of 49er inspired customs for him.  Amechi has his hands in a lot of different creative projects; he does video work for TrapXArt, a Bay Area based art movement to bring young creatives together in a positive environment. He is also one of the voices behind 49×365 a weekly podcast focused on the 49er fandom. This web series was the inspiration behind these Gold Nugget Jordans, a one of one created exclusively for Amechi. Check out these shots we took to showcase these finished joints. A HUGE ENORMOUS HEARTFELT THANK YOU to Amechi for the opportunity to create and shoot these.

Download 49×365 on iTunes
@49×365 on Instagra

49x365_-23 49x365_-22 49x365_-16 49x365_-21 49x365_-20 49x365_-849x365_-19 49x365_-18 49x365_-17 49x365_-15 49x365_-14 49x365_-10 49x365_-9 49x365_-8 49x365_-7 49x365_-249x365_-6 49x365_-5 49x365_-4 49x365_

Find out how to join in on the Super Sunday Festivities HERE.



Labor Day Runaway


Sunset in Venice Beach

Summer is OFFICIALLY over. How saaaaad. To celebrate the last official weekend of summer, my Boo and I decided to take a quick trip down to SoCal and make the most of the three day weekend. My favorite thing to do in LA is take pics, hands down. We mobbed pretty hard so a lot of my pictures this trip were taken from the car. Cardinal photography sin, I know, I KNOW. What can ya do?

washed away trying to get the perfect shot at Santa Monica

One of the main reasons we went to LA was so we could shoot some promotional photos for a project Boo’s working on. I’ve been obsessed with boardwalks since my last LA trip, so naturally I made hime pose under one. Unfortunately the current came in a little faster than we expected..

Sheik Shoes, Hollyhood Blvd

Rear View

L.A. literally has something for everyone waaaaaaaiting at Roscoes...."it was worth the wait!"

Gotta hit up Roscoe’s on Pico! Every time!

windows to the soul #LifeAdvice

Great life advice, if you ask me.


XO, Jess

Intergalactic: Galaxy Jordan XII Editorial


Today I’m excited to share some shots from my first published photography series. (eeeeeek) Back in May I designed and photographed a pair of Retro Jordan XII’s. I was lucky enough to have my photos accepted for the November/December <i>Street Style</i> issue of StyleEquation Magazine. This is extra special for me because  not only was I the photographer, I was also the designer so it almost feels like having two things published. Screen shots from the digital mag and original shots included.





Manic Monday


Purple pencils1 purplepencil2 PurplePencil3PurplePencils5

Let me just start by saying, if you have curvy hips or thighs, I strongly suggest you find yourself a pencil skirt. When your big in the chest and in the hips it can be hard to find pieces that don’t make you look big in the waist as well. Pencil skirts highlight the curves of your butt and thighs and nip in your waist to create an hourglass silouette, and who doesn’t want that?

(Top: Marshalls | Skirt: Cotton On | Heels: Steve Madden | Bag: Santee Alley | Necklace & Rings: Forever21 | Watch: Target Style)