Labor Day Runaway


Sunset in Venice Beach

Summer is OFFICIALLY over. How saaaaad. To celebrate the last official weekend of summer, my Boo and I decided to take a quick trip down to SoCal and make the most of the three day weekend. My favorite thing to do in LA is take pics, hands down. We mobbed pretty hard so a lot of my pictures this trip were taken from the car. Cardinal photography sin, I know, I KNOW. What can ya do?

washed away trying to get the perfect shot at Santa Monica

One of the main reasons we went to LA was so we could shoot some promotional photos for a project Boo’s working on. I’ve been obsessed with boardwalks since my last LA trip, so naturally I made hime pose under one. Unfortunately the current came in a little faster than we expected..

Sheik Shoes, Hollyhood Blvd

Rear View

L.A. literally has something for everyone waaaaaaaiting at Roscoes...."it was worth the wait!"

Gotta hit up Roscoe’s on Pico! Every time!

windows to the soul #LifeAdvice

Great life advice, if you ask me.


XO, Jess