Ever since I saw NotJessFashion kill her version of a Power Suit in a badass head-to-toe red look, I’ve been obsessed with monochromatic outfits. My personal style fluctuates often, but right now I’m loving the easy sophistication of the monochrome trend.  This dusty blue blazer is one of my favorite pieces. It’s the perfect shade of blue to pair with light or dark colors and it’s oversize style makes it east to wear and move around in. Perfect if you want to look good and without sacrificing comfort.

This look was easy to put together, which is great if you struggle to get out the door in the morning like I do. And it feels really polished so I don’t have to worry about looking as frazzled as I feel.

Blazer: Forever21
Top: Similar
Bottoms: Similar
Shoes: Similar
Accessories: Anne Klein

Meet The Style Bandita


style (stahyl): an elegant, fashionable,

or luxurious mode ofliving

bandita (ban-dit-a): feminine form of

bandito; a rule breaker; member of a gang

known especially for ostentation

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