Disneyland Days

I love going to Disneyland. It’s like going someplace brand new and very familiar at the same time. The atmosphere is celebratory and youthful and makes you feel like anything is possible. I always feel compelled to shoot while I’m there because everything around me is so visually stunning. I’ve yet to really capture the essence of Disneyland in my photos, but I just use that as an excuse to keep going back. One thing I always love about Disneyland is how swaggy everybody is! Aside from the fanny packs, sunhats and ridiculous sandals, most people come with some of their best outfits ready show off their Disney spirit. Of course, the best pieces usually don’t come from the park. Hot Topic has a sick collection of Disney inspired pieces and some of my favorite things I saw were from there as well. One of my main focuses this trip was to photograph Disneyland Street Style in the style of classic street photography.

I failed miserably at capturing the essence of the photographic style, but I do know how to spot great style when I see it, so the photos aren’t amazing, but the subjects are sporting some seriously cool shit.

Theres just too much to appreciate at Disneyland! Disney is really good about finding actors who are truly committed to their roles. When you meet Kylo Ren at Disneyland, it’s not like meeting a character, it’s not even like meeting Adam Driver. It’s like stepping on to Star Killer Base and meeting Kylo Ren. It really adds a lot to the Disney experience.

Unfortunately, I have to wait till summer to come back. But my family will be coming, including two of my nieces and my nephew so I know it will be even crazier and more fun than this trip! What are some of your favorite attractions at Disneyland and California Adventures? And who is your dream Disney Bound? I’m trying to think of a really good group Disneybound that can include myself, my mom, sister, two nieces (15 &11) and my nephew (9), and would love to hear some of your ideas!




#PVStyleInsider #RMSF

Last week, I shared with you a @Polyvore set I created as an entry for a contest at an event to celebrate the opening of Rebecca Minkoff’s flagship SF location. I didn’t win 😦 but the event was amazing! I created this set as a recap with some great photos, my outfit of the day, and my favorite #RebeccaMinkoff piece. The Rebecca Minkoff brand is a really unique and cutting edge brand working hard to merge the worlds of fashion and tech. Rebecca’s newest line includes several wearables and her new store includes interactive mirrors with more tech inspired features to come in the next few months. Be sure to check it out next time you’re in SF!#PVStyleInsider #RMSF


Intergalactic: Galaxy Jordan XII Editorial


Today I’m excited to share some shots from my first published photography series. (eeeeeek) Back in May I designed and photographed a pair of Retro Jordan XII’s. I was lucky enough to have my photos accepted for the November/December <i>Street Style</i> issue of StyleEquation Magazine. This is extra special for me because  not only was I the photographer, I was also the designer so it almost feels like having two things published. Screen shots from the digital mag and original shots included.






thanksgiving day 2

thanksgiving day 4 thanksgiving day 3thanksgiving day 5

Hey loves! Hope everyone had a great holiday and a successful Black Friday. (I didn’t partake this year cause I just can’t take the huge crowds and long lines anymore.) I have a lot to be thankful for this year: friends and family, my first published project, health and motivation and much, much more. This year, my parents and I decided to do something a little different so we headed over to SF for Thanksgiving dinner at Ruth Chris, a luxe steakhouse in the city.

Wearing: VestApt. 9 | TopLoveCulture | JeansH&M | BootsKathy Jean | SunniesDollarTree

Canadian Tux


Hey all! Happy hump day, although it’s nearly over now. Things are crazy, but heres a quick look from a few weeks back. I’m a sucker for denim on denim. I know it seems like an obvious fashion no-no, but to me it’s edgy and laid back at the same time. Here’s my take on the folksy classic.


XO, Jess

Ready for the Weekend

Weekend Warrior

It’s almost the WEEKEND! Thursdays are my last day of school, and even though I work on Fridays, Thursday is like a magic buffer that signals freedom from my 5 a.m. wake up calls during the week. I go from being dead tired all week to being full of energy and anticipation for what my weekend has in store. (I know, I know, that sounds a bit extreme, but ask any full time student you know what the weekend means to them and you just might bring them to tears ;))

I’m the kind of person who needs to stay busy so my weekends usually involve an eclectic mix of errands, homework, adventures, photography and strong drinks :). Here’s a look I put together that could carry me from bargain hunting at the local flea market to a night out with my boyfriend followed by late nights exploring The City searching for the perfect shot – probably my favorite weekend activity. Enjoy!

What are your weekend plans and what is your go-to look to get you through it?

XO, Jess